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May. 18th, 2010

Namibian Oysters: A Delicious Delicacy

Food & Spirits Namibia's best kept secret? Oysters. Quickly becoming one of the largest oyster suppliers in the world, Africa's Namibian waters are the perfect place to find deliciously luxurious faire. The rugged Skeleton Coast, which encompasses part of the northern region of the Atlantic Ocean, meets warm desert with cold waters to produce perfect conditions for raising oysters, thanks to the nutrients that stir through the ocean currents. Devotees around the world of the creature will delight in the flavor produced by the nutrient rich waters.

Much like a fine wine, oysters vary greatly depending on the environment in which they are harvested. The top layers and aftertaste all may vary to produce hundreds of distinctive characteristics and flavors. Henning Du Plessis, an ocean farmer in Walvis Bay,a Namibian city known for top production of the delicacy tells CNN, "When you open up that shell, it's a full oyster. Then the taste? It's the taste of the ocean. It's fresh, sweet and salty."

If you've ever tried an unappetizing oyster chances are it may be time to move onto the next. With so many varieties different oysters may likewise be suited to different palates. Unsure of what sort of flavor may best suited your tastes? Find out here!
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