Gorenje Brings the Touchscreen to Your Kitchen

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Sure, these days everything has a touchscreen. Your car, your phone, your e-book reader. But what about the kitchen?

For years marketing people have been trying to put a computer in the kitchen (for recipes!) but no one has ever really been successful. But what if you could put the computer (and the inevitable touchscreen) in something that's already in the kitchen? Something like an oven for example?

Enter the Gorenje iChef+. This particular technological wonder takes a standard oven and adds 30 options to improve your cooking. Imagine an oven where you can pre-program your favorite recipes and it'll remember them for you. Let's say you have a particular dish that requires that you start it at one temperature, increase the temp around the middle, and then decrease said temp towards the end. Too busy to remember all this? Not a problem. Simply teach your oven how to cook this dish, and it'll remember it for the next time you prepare it.

Unfortunately, Gorenje doesn't provide any pricing information at this time. You can contact them via their website for more information, including when the oven will be available in the U.S.

From Gorenje's website:
SIMPLEbake: PLUS for the simplest way to your favourite dish SIMPLEbake and AUTObake programs make cooking truly simple. Select the dish on the photo, estimate the weight and touch the START command - and the cooking begins! SIMPLEbake program offers 9 categories of most commonly prepared dishes while AUTObake offers a choice of 65 preset recipes including photos, checked with and approved by chefs and nutritionists. These programs will surely thrill even those not too enthusiastic about electronic controls, as they deliver excellent results to all who enjoy contemporary cooking methods but refuse to dwell on the details of cooking procedures - even complete beginners. PRObake and STEPbake: PLUS for cooking in accurately defined steps PRObake program, paired with the additional program called STEPbake, two unique features in the market, allow full use of your cooking experience. Professionals and skilled amateurs may choose all settings themselves. The settings used in combination with your own PRObake choices do not have to be changed during the cooking procedure; rather, you may define them in advance! For example, you can start with low temperature, then step up to high, and finish with medium; you may want all heaters to work at the beginning. Innovative, patent protected STEPbake system allows setting up to 3 subsequent combinations. By selecting the heaters, temperature, and cooking time, you will make your dishes as you like them, done to your taste. And when the food is ready iChef+ only wishes you Bon Appétit! MYbake: Plus for recreating your most successful combinations MYbake program makes sure the dishes cooked to your taste are the same each time, using the same steps and settings. The program you have set up may be stored in the oven memory to be retrieved next time you need it. You may save the most commonly used settings and combinations for your favourite cooking method. EXTRA programs: Plus for the right help at any time Also to mention EXTRA program which includes features like Cleaning+, Defrost+, Probe+ (allowing use of a meat probe), and various alternative uses of heating such as Preheat+, Warming+ (for keeping cooked food warm), or Serving+ (to heat your plates).


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