WaveJet Adds Excitement to Watersports

Photo Courtesy of WaveJet
Don't be surprised if you haven't heard of WaveJet before. They're a new company with a rather unique product: an electric propulsion system that is designed to be installed onto existing watersport equipment.

So what exactly is WaveJet and what does it do for you? Simply put, it's a propulsion system that is mounted onto a product that you might already own (like a surfboard, kickboard, kayak, or kiteboard) that makes it easier to get out onto the water to enjoy your sport.

Take for example surfing: The fun part of surfing is actually catching a wave and riding it in, but getting out far enough to do so can be time consuming and tiring. Sure, there's always the option of being towed out via jetski, but that can be annoying, and not necessarily viable in all locations. The WaveJet is actually built into the surfboard, and using a rechargeable battery and an electronic propulsion system, will get you out to the waves faster and without as much effort.

As mentioned before, WaveJet is looking into other uses for their technology as well; kiteboarding, kayaks, small boats, and most importantly (in my opinion) rescue boards for lifeguards. The technology isn't widely available yet, but it definitely looks promising; and if you watch the video it looks like the system is quite fast. This reminds me of the electric bicycle; something to make getting to your destination more entertaining and less work.

WaveJet is currently still in development, but they are taking information for pre-orders and they do appear to be generating quite a bit of buzz. It's definitely worth your time to check out their website to learn more or even to get on the email list to get up to date info on the progress of the product.


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