LG Electronics Adds Touchscreen Technology to Big-Screen TVs

Photo Courtesy of LG
LG Electronics’ latest plasma HDTV model brings touchscreen technology to big-screen televisions with the launching of the LG PenTouch TV. What is now commonplace with smartphones and smaller handheld notebook- and tablet-size computers is now available on 50- and 60-inch big screens. The new feel comes in the form of a touch-sensitive stylus that is activated by remote control when the television is connected to a personal computer.

With PenTouch software, users can interact with the Internet with the stylus and create, modify, and control a variety of content directly on the screen. The screen of the plasma HDTV is made with protective scratch-resistant glass. Two styli can be used simultaneously, and the batteries for the pens are rechargeable through the USB ports on the television or on a personal computer.

"Touch displays have become the norm in mobile phones and tablets, but remain almost unheard of in TVs," said Jay Vandenbree, senior vice president, home entertainment, LG Electronics USA.

"The PenTouch TV brings all the excitement of touch displays, computers and the Internet to the world of television, with functions and programs that are great fun and really educational. Families, in particular, will have more than ever to enjoy on LG PenTouch TV plasma screens."

Due to its support of multi-touch applications, the Windows 7 operating system is recommended. However, the 32-bit Windows XP and the 23- and 64-bit Windows Vista also are usable. 

LG also announced that three models are available. There are two with a 60-inch screen and a 50-inch version. One of the 60-inch variants has 3D capability and retails at $2,199. The other 60-inch model and the 50-inch model are priced at $1,699 and $1,099, respectively. For more information, visit

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