Want to Know What $40,000 Sounds Like?

LSF Wisdom Series Loudspeaker

Photo Credit Wisdom Audio
Luxury entertainment will never be the same with the introduction of the LS4 Widsom Series Loudspeaker, one of the best ultimate electronics on the market. At a price of 40,000 dollars per speaker, these innovative audio tools are six feet in height and feature planar magnetic thin-film technology that have achieved unprecedented sound quality. This Wisdom Audio advancement had made listening to music, watching a big game, or enjoying a feature film an experience like nothing before. The LS4 Loudspeaker was designed to be used with the STS subwoofer, and because of its intelligent design, can be concealed in-wall, on-wall, or freestanding, making this a luxury product that will also appeal to those with a keen sense of aesthetic. The Wisdom Audio engineers have crafted the LS4 Loudspeaker High Definition Audio System to match HD video capabilities, beautifully blending both audio and visual effects for the best in at-home entertainment enjoyment.

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