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Optimus Maximus Keyboard

Photo Courtesy of Art. Lebedev Studio
Providing some options never before seen in the keyboard market, the Optimus Maximus, by far, is one of the coolest high tech gadgets and most useful computer accessories ever available. Period. Unlike temperamental and often inaccurate laser-projected virtual keyboards, this keyboard is actually functional.

One of the major draws of the Optimus Maximus Keyboard is that each key on the keyboard has its own OLED micro-monitor. That means that instead of the standard printed-on-the-key lettering offered by every other keyboard available, the letters and functions are actually a tiny monitor that displays the letters. Likewise, the quick-access keys will display the actual icon of the program or application that you assign to them.

The coolest feature for high-end computer users, however, has to be that the keyboard can be set to display the hotkeys for whatever program is being used. Open Photoshop and see what each key actually does, rather than endlessly sifting through menus.
Oh, did we mention that you can set each key to individually display whatever you want it to? Animated gifs, family pictures, quicktime movies and even an analog clock can be set to the Optimus Maximus Keyboard’s keys. Also, the keys can be set to display information about the computer itself: CPU usage, RAM usage, internal temperature and Network speed. You can even set a key up to display the current song information from iTunes.
Is that not enough? Well, if you are tired of attempting to type in another language with a standard US layout keyboard, the keys will switch themselves depending on your IME and display the proper layout. Using special characters is likewise no longer a problem as they can also be displayed on the keys themselves, making the Character Map application finally obsolete. The Optimus Maximus Keyboard also comes equipped with a built-in USB hub and SD Card reader. At around $1800 MSRP, this high-end keyboard is a good choice for those who spend a significant amount of time on their computers, and every penny would be worth it. Find out more at


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