May. 30th, 2012

Rock 'n Roll Never Sounded So Good With Marshall Headphones

Marshall Headphones
Photo Courtesy of Marshall Headphones
Marshall Headphones, an ultimate electronics brand that traces its beginnings to the early 1960’s when Jim Marshall began selling guitar equipment in his drum store. The amplifiers Marshall started building produced a richness of sound unlike any had heard before, prompting rock ‘n roll greats such as Jimi Hendrix, The Who, and Eric Clapton to use Marshall’s equipment.

Now, these high end consumer electronics combine the heavy sound of the rock ‘n roll worthy amplifiers inside portable, modern technology. The brand includes two styles, Major, which features a retro headband and full ear coverage, and Minor, with small buds that rest inside the ears. Recently Marshall launched its Pitch Black line of Major and Minor headphones, a matte, all-black version of the classics with a durable, denim headband.

In addition to the wildly popular headphones, Marshall Headphones still produces amplifiers with Jim Marshall’s signature sound. To learn more visit
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