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Apple Inc., one of the world's largest consumer electronics corporations, is nearly running the computer and cell phone scene. Earlier in the year they made the iPhone 4S available in China and, fittingly, they've recently announced that among the luxury cell phone's new software updates will be a new and improved Siri, now able to speak Chinese.

iOS 6, slated for a Fall release, will have 200 new features but Siri's added ability to speak and understand the new language is sure to excite Chinese users who have been previously unable to utilize one of the iPhone's neatest gadgets. Siri is known for her sarcastic and often funny answers to questions, making the feature more than just one of usefulness. The upgraded Siri will feature three different Chinese dialects: Mainland Chinese Mandarin (PŭtōnghuĂ ), the Taiwanese Mandarin, and Cantonese. According to the LA Times, China is one of the world's biggest mobile device markets and making their phones fully assessable to China's demographic is a huge step forward for Apple.

Among the other added features for Siri will include her ability to post Facebook updates for you, as well as being able to answer questions about sports scores and give advice on what movie you should see Friday night. Prices begin at $199 for a 16GB and raise to $399 for a 64GB model. Of course, prices also require a 2-year contract.

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