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These days smartphones are as much an essential as the desktop computer of yore. They've also become something of a must-have accessory, with cases and doo-dads constantly being constructed so that your Smartphone matches your outfit and your personality. Then there are the luxury designers that have taken smartphones to a whole new level of decadence, not only including the latest technology in the gear, but also over-the-top crazy luxurious materials to encase them. That said, here's a look at just a sampling of the most expensive smartphones and accessories around:

RIM BlackBerry P'9981

At $2,000 the RIM BlackBerry P'9981 is practically a bargain compared to the other smartphones on the list. The P'9981 is the latest RIM Blackberry creation, with collaboration by Porsche Design. Not sure if it's a must have for Porsche owners, but it could be for Porsche owners that are also gadget geeks.
Lamborghini TL700

From the famed sports car maker comes the Lamborghini TL700, complete with a 3.7-inch WVGA touch screen, a 5-megapixel camera, as well as Android 2.3 and plenty of Lamborghini flash in a geometric gold casing. At $2,750, it won't set you back as much as the car, but you'll still get noticed with a gold nugget next to your ear.
Continental Mobiles iPhone 4S

If you can never have too much of the real thing, then you're going to want to augment your bling collection with the hand-tailored, diamond and platinum covered Continental Mobiles iPhone 4S. At $10,900, it could practically do double duty as an engagement ring—but I wouldn't recommend trying it.
Goldgenie Suvarna Bullion iPhone 4S

Goldgenie has found a niche for itself by gilding gadgets in gold. iPhones, iPads and iPods can all be plated in classic gold, rose gold, or platinum and can even include the addition of diamonds. But the most luxurious version is the Goldgenie Suvarna Bullion iPhone 4S, which uses the purest gold available to craft the techie creation for $29,500.
Prada Phone by LG

Prada's newest designer accessory is the Prada Phone by LG, a sleek Smartphone sports LG's High Brightness NOVA Display at 800-nit, with a 4.3inch screen and is super-slim at 8.5mm. As with all Prada products, the design is essential to the smartphone, using quality craftsmanship that combines a Saffiano leather back with chromed metal on the phone's frame and camera for the ultimate in understated elegance. And of course, the Prada phone also has Prada accessories and special features.
Dior Reveries

Dior has dabbled in the smartphone arena before with the Black Diamond phone. Now the luxury brand has debuted a "haute couture" smartphone, known as Reveries. The dreamy phone is decked out with diamond, white gold and pearl and comes with a haute price tag of approximately $122,500.

The Aesir phone is a bespoke take on modern technology. Featuring handmade and custom elements, the smartphone is crafted with the user's choice of gold, steel, or ceramic and uses the best technology to emphasize its auditory, visual and tactile elements.

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