Nov. 5th, 2012

$700,000 iPad Mini Case Encrusted with Sapphires and Diamonds

ipad mini case
Photo Courtesy of The Natural Sapphire Company
Technology is forever trying to shrink, and in the race to create the smallest tablet, Apple recently introduced the iPad Mini, hitting retail stores on November 2nd. The new miniature iPad has the same capabilities of its predecessor, only itís smaller both in size and cost. In anticipation for this amazing technological advancement, The Natural Sapphire Company has announced their second luxury case for an Apple product.

The iPad Mini case is made of a polished white gold body covered in 3,328 natural Ceylon blue sapphires. The Apple logo is shaped by a set of 50 diamonds, making it possibly the most expensive Apple accessories of all time. It is available for a whopping $700,000, ďor just three easy installments of $233,333.33,Ē as the companyís website assures.

If it seems illogical to you to purchase a protective covering that is worth more than the item it is designed to protect, consider this: diamonds were once considered the hardest material on earth, and sapphires are pretty hard too, so they can take a beating better than your flimsy little $329 iPad can. Plus, they are sparkly and pretty, while an iPad in its most natural state can be a little dull in comparison.
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