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Bob Marley Comes Alive With Get Up Stand Up Audio System

Nov. 23rd, 2012 | Comments 2 | Make a Comment   
house of marley docking system
Photo Courtesy of House of Marley
If you're having a hard time thinking of a gift to give someone, you can never really go wrong with the gift of music. That may sound cheesy but it's true; music is universal and no matter the age, culture, gender, et cetera, everyone enjoys a good song. One way to share music with a loved one is through The House of Marley's Get Up Stand Up home audio system, which strives to evoke vintage floor speakers of the past.

House of Marley is based around Bob Marley's idealistic vision of "One Love", living your life in harmony with the world around you. The company focuses on crafting earth-friendly electronics that stick to "the Marley family core values: equality, unity, authenticity, sustainability and charity." Five percent of the company's annual profits go directly to, an organization started by Marley's family meant to spread Marley's dream for a more caring world by raising money for community charities.
audio system

With a MSRP of $349.99, the Get Up Stand Up system is a portable dock that works with iPhones, iPads, and iPods, and each model is "crafted from one piece of Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified bent birch wood and finished in a rich walnut color." Where it doesn't use wood, the system uses recycled plastic, which may hinder the sleek appearance a little for some but it certainly sticks with their eco-friendly goal.

ďWe thought back to how people used to admire the large floor speakers back in the 1970s and 80s and how those speakers were design elements in the home. Our Get Up Stand Up system delivers exceptional audio quality in a strikingly beautiful design, while staying true to our values and commitment to the planet,Ē said Rohan Marley, on behalf of The House of Marley.
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The docking system features Marley Sound, which is designed to give the best acoustics possible, especially a rich, powerful bassline. With two one-inch tweeters, two 4.5-inch woofers, and a strong amplifier, the speaker has an output of "25 watts times two." While all of the genres I tested out on this model sounded great, some certainly sounded better, specifically those that are bass-heavy. Of course, music from Bob Marley himself sounds fantastic on the Get Up Stand Up. However, I found that music lacking heavy bass (for example, The Smiths) sounded a little empty, which didn't lessen my enjoyment but certainly began changing the music I listened to in my apartment on a regular basis. If you're concerned with how loud the music can get, I was completely satisfied. I could hear it in every corner of my apartment and was even hesitant to try it on full volume in fear of angering my temperamental neighbor.
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In terms of control, the system is really easy to figure out. Necessary buttons can be found on the top of the unit, like power and volume, but it also comes with a small infrared remote. I've used docking systems before where those silly little plastic remotes only worked if you held them directly in front of the model from a foot away, which defeats the purpose of having a remote at all, but the one for Get Up Stand Up actually works.

Any of you who purchased the new iPhone 5 know that the port was changed, but don't worry because you can still use it with the Get Up Stand Up without having to buy an adapter. The unit has an auxiliary input and integrated RCA input, which means you can use it with hundreds of devices, such as Android phones.

Keep an eye out for House of Marley because over the holidays the company will be announcing new upgrades planned for mid-2013.

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Ritchie Caron commented on June 18, 2013

This iPod dock is awesome and quite accurate in its sound quality. Certainly more than any other iPod dock I've listen to. As a live sound technician (Pro) and recording engineer (Hobbyist), for over 20 years its very important for the monitors to accurately reproduce the true sound of the recordings. I have no problem including this product to record, mix, and master away from my home studio, as it is very close to the sound of my 20 year old Audix Broadcast Monitors and Sony MDR-V700 headphones. Monster, Bose, Samsung, although pleasant sounding are not accurate and cannot be used for critical listening while working on a recording. One of the things I like about this dock is how the sound just starts to distort at full volume. This means that if I adjust the frequencies and instruments just below the point of distortion at full volume there is a degree of confidence that the recordings will sound proper on all other sound systems. This is not at all easy to do even on the best equipment. If your speakers are too bright the recording will sound dull. Too much bass and the results will be thin.... This product will not replace my studio monitors but they do sound similar and will allow me to work remotely without spending many times more money for basically the same sound. Like other popular reference monitors, it just happens to have the proper sound even though it wasn't designed for it specifically. If there are other audiophiles or recording engineers do yourself a favour and demo one you'll probably feel the same way about this dock.

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Mark Abell commented on May 29, 2013

I thought this would be awesome. My House Of Marley hemp messenger 14L bag is gorgeous as are my Stir It Up On Ear beech wood headphones. Unfortunately, this dock is incredibly awful. Terrible bass, cheap materials, smelled like formaldehyde when I got it. The black plastic is cheap and the sound is extremely flat. Avoid like the plague. It may be worth $100 but it is definitely not worth $300.

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