Curved LG OLED Television

LG Curved OLED Television

Photo Courtesy of LG

Since the release of the first 42-inch plasma television in 1995, we've seen an ever growing array of larger and thinner TVs pass through living rooms all over the world. It would seem that at some point in the not too distant future, we may even be painting our new television onto our walls. But until that day comes we can look to the latest advancement from the good folks at LG Electronics for the new must-have set. The LG Curved OLED TV brings an IMAX-like experience into our homes with its revolutionary curved screen, 3D technology, game changing color reproduction and smart TV functionality. Measuring a stunning 4.3mm in thickness and weighing only 38 pounds, the new LG Curved OLED TV is surely to be the center of attraction at your next movie night.


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