Practical Beartek Gloves Push Wearable Tech to Innovative Heights

wearable tech gloves

Photo Courtesy of BearTek

Sure, Beartek Gloves don't have anything to do with wrestling bears — which is, admittedly, what I immediately thought of — but they seem pretty cool nonetheless. The black gloves allow you remote access and control of your smartphone, enabling you to change music and answer calls without ever touching the device. It works with simple touches of the thumb to specific fingers, which activates whatever function you're going for. With both snowsport ($170) and motorcycle ($200) gloves available, this piece of wearable technology is one of the most practical I've seen. Not only are they incredibly protective of your hands (with carbon fiber knuckle and finger protection in the moto version and insulated liner in the snow), they enable you to stay connected without having to take your hands away from whatever you're doing — which is pretty important if you want to stay safe on that new motorcycle.

Mila Pantovich

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