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Record Incredible Experiences With GoPro's HERO3+ Black Edition Camera

gopro camera

Photo Courtesy of GoPro

If you've seen the point-of-view video from the back of a soaring eagle, it was made possible thanks to GoPro and their incredibly lightweight cameras. From being mounted on motorcycle helmets to cars, these small cameras are able to get some pretty incredible footage. Their HERO3+ Black Edition is 20 percent smaller and lighter than other models on the market, promising higher quality and powerful features. Including a new video mode called SuperView (which has a wide angle perspective), the HERO3+ automatically adjusts the frame rate, has a 30 percent longer battery life, built-in Wi-Fi and a sharper lens. Plus, it's waterproof, so go ahead and take it surfing!

Mila Pantovich

Mila Pantovich lives in San Diego, CA with her cat and two rats. She graduated from California State San Marcos with a degree in Literature and Writing and a minor in Film Studies. She has written for several publications, including San Diego City News and North Park News, and in her spare time writes film reviews for various online publications. A self-prescribed film/book obsessive, she's curren...(Read More)

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