Apr. 22nd, 2014

Ferrari Formula One Engineer-Designed Racing Simulator is "Nearest to Reality"

Racing Simulator
Photo Courtesy of CXC Simulations

No self-respecting, self-proclaimed video game fanatic would be caught dead without a full-size motion simulator in their home, especially if you're obsessed with racing games. CXC Simulations enlisted the help of former Ferrari Formula One mechanical/electrical engineer Josh Allen for their Motion Pro II, making the virtual experience "nearest to reality than anything else on the market today." This isn't just any luxury toy, the Motion Pro II is what all your favorite racing figures and billionaires use, like Ed Brown of Patron and the Crown Prince of Dubai. Practical for your home (or mansion), the gadget has a hi-tech motion system, a powerful steering force feedback motor, pro steering wheel, and pressure-sensitive pedals. Plus, it comes standard with a 1080p resolution screen system with a 60-degree field of view (which can be upgraded to a 6,220,800 pixel panoramic triple-screen with a 180-degree view).


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