Rhythm 1.1 Preamplifier Brings the Concert to Your Living Room

Backert Labs ,Rhythm 1.1 ,preamplifier

Photo Courtesy of Backert Labs

Anyone truly serious about getting the highest quality sound possible from their home entertainment system knows that they should find a really good preamplifier, specifically one that actually takes rhythm into account. Backert Labs recently released their tubed preamp Rhythm 1.1, designed to give you dynamic rhythmic sound and get you as close to a live concert as possible. With the "first-and-only power supply that can utilize the finest capacitors on earth," the luxury gadget doesn't use any aluminum electrolytic capacitors, which helps to improve the sound quality and makes it more environmentally friendly — full power consumption amounts to less than a 25-watt light bulb. The tubes continually adjust themselves so you don't have to, always giving you balanced voltage and current. It's also worth noting that instead of hiding the tubes underneath a bolted panel like other brands, Backert Labs puts them under a door that pops up with the touch of your finger.


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