Nomad Charging Cables Are Ridiculously Convenient When You Need to Plug In

Being halfway through the day only to have your phone alert you to a low battery is not only a bummer, it's stressful. And there is nothing worse than identifying a USB port that could charge you up, but not having a cable. Because let's be honest, who wants to twist up a full cable and cram it into your purse or pocket? Enter Nomad, the adorable little connectors that you can keep with you at all times, which happen to take up nearly zero space. Buyers can take their pick between three different, but equally useful designs. The NomadKey is a tiny key-sized cable constructed of durable rubber, made to stand up to a ton of wear and tear. Next up, the NomadCard has been created as a credit card-shaped connector to keep in your wallet. And finally the NomadClip, which has been designed in the shape of a carabineer and features Bayer Science polycarbonate for an outer shell, complimented by a tough steel frame. All of the cables are compatible with either current iPhones (Nomads cables are MFi certified) or devices that require a Micro USB and have a standard USB at the opposite end, so you can plug into any power source with a USB outlet. From the standard Apple attachment or computer jack to the outlet in your car or one of those handy charging sticks, all you need is a place to plug in. Shipping is free anywhere in the US, Canada, United Kingdom or Australia and it's only USD $5 for anywhere else in the world.

Bonus! For a being an awesome JL reader, Nomad is giving you 25 percent off when you use the code LIVESIMPLE at checkout!


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