Massive $1.6M Titan Zeus TV Needs a Mansion to Fit In

Titan Zeus TV

Photo Courtesy of Titan Screens

If you're going to create the cinema experience in your home, you'll need a massive television as the focal point—which is where the Titan Zeus TV comes in. The 370-inch TV (that's bigger than an elephant) not only costs $1.6 million to buy, but you'll probably also need to live in a mansion to have a big enough room for it.

While everyone has seen giant screens before, thanks to projection units, remember that this is an actual TV. Measuring 32 by 15 feet, the 4K Zeus (which has four times the amount of pixels than an average 1080P HD TV) can be used indoors or outdoors, which is pretty cool. Take note though that to properly view it, you need to be around 50 feet away (just like in your local movie theater). With a 4:3 aspect ratio, the company is apparently planning on releasing an ultra-widescreen version of the Zeus later in the year. 

Titan Zeus TV

According to Engadget, the London-based Titan Screens has actually already sold a Zeus model to an anonymous buyer. Since the mystery owner wants to stay in the shadows, there aren't any installation pictures of the television, but we're sure your imagination can do it justice. Or you can always just be the second buyer. 

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