Kaleidescape Launches New Alto Movie Library & Player After Pressure from Film Industry

You may remember when we told you about the Kaleidescape Cinema One last year. With the ability to copy and store hundreds of movies in its system, the video player seemed pretty perfect. Well, apparently the film industry found the copy-based business model less than desirable and greeted Kaleidescape with trouble. Shifting gears and adapting, Kaleidescape has released the new Alto, which phases out the disc entirely (though you can see watch a DVD/Blu-ray if you really want to). Designed for movie fanatics who have home theaters, the Alto has tons of room to store hundreds of movies (up to 600 in DVD quality and up to 100 in Blu-ray). The new movie player is able to import all of its content from the cloud via the company's online store, which has "over 8,500 movies and 1,600 TV seasons licensed from the major motion picture studios." If one doesn't have enough room, you can buy up to four Altos to create a network that will quadruple the storage space. Plus, you can also create different "viewing zones" when you get more than one, giving a different movie watching experience in each. 


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