Jan. 26th, 2010

Turn Old Albums into New CDs with LP 2 CD

Electronics: While there have been many items featured with a higher price, this is one of those times where the luxury of the convenience is absolutely priceless. Ion Audioís LP 2 CD player is one for the keepers of the old vinyl disk albums. Finally, there is a way to convert an entire library of old platters into new CDs; and itís as easy (and fun) as giving a song your ears. Actually, that is all there is to it.

Play albums on the LP 2 CD and record one or more CD copies in the internal CD burner. It also can be connected to a computer and transfer the old vinyl to an MP3 or an iPod. Place an album on the turntable and insert a blank CD. Hit the record button as the album plays and the player LP 2 CD does the rest. It works on both Macs and PCs.

Converting albums to CDs is a breeze with LP 2 CD.

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