Feb. 12th, 2010

Pink Amosu Luxury Cell Phones Make Great Valentine's Day Gift

Luxury Cell Phones: This one is a direct dial straight to her heart! If you’ve searching high and low for that special Valentine’s Day gift for the most incredible woman in the world, which is a good excuse to use if you are still sitting on the fence, go online and get in the pink with a limited-edition Amosu iPhone or Blackberry cell phone.

The dazzling Pink Diamond Limited Edition iPhone contains 527 brilliant-cut diamonds of VS quality and includes a free year of international-concierge service as well. The Pink Diamond Bold Blackberry, also a limited-edition model, has 86-brilliant-cut diamonds of VS1 quality and comes with free international-concierge service.

Be a sparking couple this Valentine’s Day!

His story: Still searching for his gift? Check out the Black Diamond Bold and the Half Diamond iPhones and the Diamond Blackberry Amosu Curva.
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