Jun. 14th, 2010

Versace Unique: Luxurious & Smart Cell Phone

Electronics: Versace recently showed off it's entry into high-end luxury cell phones with the Versace Unique. It is the first full-featured multimedia device that will be sold through Versace's flagship boutiques and exclusive network of fine jewelers.

The Versace Unique has a 3-inch scratch-resistant sapphire touch screen. The hand-assembled units are available in an 18 karat gold finish or a stainless steel inlay. The back of the phone is wrapped in supple leather that features the Versace Medusa head embossed on the back. It has been reported there also may be a Unique offered in black leather.

The smart side of the cell phone is equally impressive, with LG providing the technology. Client e-mail tools, a media player, a full-powered 5-megapixel flash camera, a Net book and of course 3G network all are are available.

Versace partnered with ModeLabs to create the Versace Unique.
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