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Blanc 5 Infinity Spa | Portable Therapeutic Home Spa

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Photo Courtesy of Blanc 5 Infinity Spa

The Blanc 5 Infinity Spa is a self-contained portable unit that is virtually maintenance free and literally bubbling with luxuriating potential. This splashy spa contains three seats, two loungers, and delivers a soothing hydro-massage fluidly with 30 power-flow jets and 14 miniature power-flow jets.

In reviewing the spa's lineup of superlative features, we begin with an integrated entertainment system with Bluetooth technology that allows hookups to iPads, iPods, MP4s and other electronic entertainment devices. Additionally, it features a programmable, LED chromatherapeutic lighting system, and a hidden audio transducer. In scientific terms, a transducer transfers energy. In wow-factor speak, this device enables the spa on its own to emit sound superbly without any speakers visible.  

The Blanc 5, which is made by Spa Design, also has an overflow system and built-in sensors that automatically monitor water levels and keep foreign matter, such as insects and dirt, out of the water. Since the Blanc 5 has its own pump, heater, and filtration system, it can be moved instead of remaining stationary. The shell of the spa is handmade with the same type of fiberglass and gel used to build high-end sailboats and yachts.

There is an optional PH control and disinfection unit that transforms the natural salts released from our bodies into natural chlorine, which makes it even more appealing and convenient.

Allowing for currency-rate fluctuations, the price of a Blanc 5 Infinity Spa with all the options included is around $37,900. However, there are some technical details that would be best to clarify with the manufacturer. For more information, visit

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