Sleep on a Cloud With Stearns & Foster's Lux Estate Mattress

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One of the keys to continued great health is getting a good night’s sleep every night. While everyone knows this, it’s important to find a mattress that provides all of the comfort and support you need. Sealy Stearns & Foster does just that with its Lux Estate collection.

Each mattress is hand crafted with a cashmere-infused cover and topped off with a fleur-de-lis medallion. We replaced our near 10-year-old king mattress recently with the Lux Estate collection. While it can take up to eight weeks to make the mattress, it is definitely worth the wait.

Start off by determining which comfort level is best for you. Do you prefer firm or ultra plush? A firm mattress offers the most stiff support surface while the cushion firm has both support and added quilted softness. If you prefer a softer night’s sleep, be sure to check out the plush mattress with super soft surface. For the ultimate in luxury, don’t miss the ultra plush that seems to cradle your entire body in softness.

This ultra comfortable mattress has a luxurious feel that seems to get softer over time. This high-end model is made of some of the finest materials, including silk, cotton, latex, cashmere and linen created by the Stearns & Foster factory.
What makes this tension-relieving mattress so unique is its individually wrapped Intellicoil iD with titanium alloy that features a coil-in-a-coil design to deliver the ultimate combination of comfort and deep-down support. The mattress itself is made with CaressFlex Foam, a three-dimensional zoned design to adapt perfectly to the shape of your body along with a foam-encased edge system to provide a substantial yet comfortable sitting and sleeping edge.

The cotton used in the Lux Estate collection is soft, comfortable, durable, easy to care for and clean, and is a fully renewable resource. Each mattress, which can be used with or without a foundation, also comes with a 25-year warranty and starts at $2,199. For more information, visit

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