WAMHouse Designs Feature Clever Home Decor


Photo Courtesy of WAMHouse
WAMHouse, an innovative, Polish design company founded in 2005, was jump-started by just two individuals who were seeking to combine elements of architecture and interior design to create some of the best home furnishings. With foundations in graphic design, photography, and civil engineering, the duo joined forces to open WAMHouse in Chojnice, a small town in northern region of Poland. The company is conveniently located near Bory Tucholskie National Park.

With a natural environment within steps of the design studio, WAMHouse’s team is able to remove themselves from “the academic method of designing,” allowing for a different outlook at the elemental qualities of architecture and concepts for interior home accessories. As a result, nature is one of the biggest sources of inspiration for the company, promoting its universal aspects as well as regional qualities.
WAMHouse offers a range of interior design products and home furniture, including desks, lounge chairs, and incredible kitchen appliances design — all with a highly contemporary and modern edge. WAMHouse products are incredibly sophisticated, blurring the line between modern art and well-furnished comfort. The Zjedzony Armchair, featuring a lounge chair crafted to look like a peeled banana, is a perfect example of the clever signature style WAMHouse portrays with all of its work.
In addition to their line of furniture, WAMHouse is also busy with full-scale interior design projects, such as their “Gold Kitchen” concept. To learn more about WAMHouse and to see their full range of products visit


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