Dynamic Mirror Designs From Glas Italia

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Glas Italia strives to be the epitome of luxury furnishings, supplying customers with handcrafted glass accents and furniture, all produced in the town of Macherio near Milan, Italy. Founded by the Arosio family, the company frequently pairs up with talented designers to create large-scale designs that blend transparent glass with mirrors. Their most notable partnership was with Italian architect and designer Ettore Scottsass. Together they crafted some of the company's most interesting and successful pieces, many guided by dynamic uses of color.

The Fiction design is definitely a stand-out which blurs the line between clear glass and mirrored surfaces. Depending on which way you position the piece, one end will gradually give way to the other, transforming a mirror into glass, or vice versa. The degraded shaded silvering would look great on any backdrop, especially distressed ones, either for practicality purposes or just decoration.
We also love the three-dimensional Life mirrors. In truncated pyramid shapes, these neat mirrors have a lighting angle colored in red or white, giving the entire thing a really cool science-fiction edge that would look great in any home office. The light is from a halogen lamp within one corner, which can be made to emit a constant glow or be changed to a repeating pattern.
The Rainbow mirror comes in various sizes in shapes, but each features a large colored frame. The color is within the glass itself and not the light source behind. Two glass sheets are put together with a special film between them, which filter and color the light. They are able to reach a wide array of over 60 colors, available with various glass types, through this unique film feature. We love how bright they look and especially love the more angular designs, as opposed to the standard square.
Room separators are a pretty common staple amongst interior designers, able to turn a single living space into two. Glas Italia has their own version of the popular décor choice; the Haiku is an elegant screen made up of four thick tempered glass sections. The smoked glass is engraved with delicate vine work, giving the design great depth and three-dimensionality.

Prices can range anywhere from $445 to $15,169, depending on which design you choose.

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