Sep. 20th, 2012

Handcrafted and Timeless Furniture From ShackletonThomas

home furnishings
Photo Courtesy of ShackletonThomas
Irish (by way of Woodstock) furniture designer Charles Shackleton and his wife, the notable potter Miranda Thomas, are standard bearers for a craftsmanship commitment that prevailed in luxury goods before the Industrial Revolution, and is coming back into vogue again alongside the local-sustainable food movement. The two live in a hillside farmhouse in central Vermont and own a three-story workshop/gallery in a 180-year-old former mill in Bridgewater.

From this bucolic base, they hand-make simple yet impeccably handiworked furniture pieces, home accents, pottery and accessories. Their works have graced United Nations galas and been gifted to the Pope, but they are equally suitable for livening up a farmhouse family room, or providing a peaceful back-porch haven from which to admire one’s garden. This slideshow features signature pieces and collections from the ShackletonThomas gallery, with notes from the design team.

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