Enlightening Chandeliers Comment on Class Conflict and Ecological Responsibility

Los Angeles-based artist Carolina Fontoura Alzaga is a woman on a mission; a mission to make use of the useless. She lived in Mexico and Brazil before settling in the U.S., and as they are all very populous countries, she has no doubt seen a great deal of trash between the three. But to Alzaga, trash is merely an object whose purpose has changed from what it was initially. The circle of life for inanimate objects is something she seems to feel very strongly about, and she proves the philosophy with her innovative sculpture line ?Connect?. To express her ideas about recycling, Alzaga has created a line of luxury chandeliers made out of old bicycle parts.

Each chandelier is not only an ecological statement, but also a socio-economic one. lltitle=Handmade Luxury Chandeliers From Old Bicycles### llcontent=Recycled and re-purposed materials are all the rage, and we love that because it seems the most creative and unique decor pieces are stemming from the trash can. Artist Carolina Fontoura Alzaga uses her talent to create beautiful chandeliers from pieces of old bicycles, each telling a story beyond luxury.

Sally Farris

A recent English graduate from Liberty University, Sally Farris has a passion for all things beautiful. Her upbringing in a Coast Guard family has allowed her to live in some of the most popular vacation destinations in the U.S. Currently based in San Diego, she writes for, and recently began working as Assistant Travel Editor at JustLuxe. ...(Read More)

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