Apr. 22nd, 2010

Kyle Bunting: Extraordinary Hide Rugs for Spring

Home Decor: Hide rugs have been a part of interiors since the beginning of mankind, but they have never been as sleek and seductive until Kyle Bunting came along 10 years ago. His designs and application of hide to architectural panels, wallcoverings and rugs are phenomenal works of art that have worked their way into thousands of projects around the world.

Seeking inspiration in his studio outside of Austin, Texas, Kyle and his team of designers are constantly introducing new designs in hide that become more and more intriguing each season. "Reflect", recently introduced in cream, rita and azalea, screams Spring with its bright palette and drastic contrast in color. This is only one of many must-have designs for this season - just don't be surprised when guests walk around the rug instead of over it!
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