Jul. 15th, 2010

Luxe Eco-Friendly Cookware

Home Decor: Green Cooking Pots are bringing traditional cookware back into the kitchen and keeping out harmful carcinogens found in Teflon and steel. Twin sisters and healthy cooks Mica and Café McMullen have created Green Cooking Pots as a way to bring some modern fun to centuries old cast iron cookware. The eco-friendly cookware comes in hues like orange, blue, light blue, red, cream, yellow and green and is also chemical and toxin-free.

Mica explains that how you cook is just as important as how you eat, "The way food is prepared is the foundation of healthy eating. If pans are being used that emit harmful chemicals, what's the point of eating your vegetables?"

The Green Cooking Pots line of products includes grill pans, dutch ovens, pots, skillets, sauce pans and roasting pans, ranging from $47 to $127, with four to 13-piece cookware sets running from $131 to $695.
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