Luxurious But Unnecessary Kitchen Gadgets

Home Decor: There are a lot of really cool additions you can make to a luxury home kitchen. Built-in pizza ovens come to mind. But like the pizza oven, the follow gadgets, as named by Popular Mechanics, may not be totally needed for a great kitchen. That doesn't mean they don't look super cool though. If you have money to burn and a love of gadgetry, then the following may be some kitchen aids to consider:

Breville One Touch Tea Maker
It's easy enough to boil water on the stove, but this wondrous little machine takes making tea to a new level. Fill the basket with loose tealeaves and push a button. Then stand back and watch as the basket is lowered into boiling hot water and allowed to steep for just the right amount of time before heading back up. Not only that, but you can program it to serve you a steaming cup just in time for your morning commute. $250

Magimix Vision Toaster
You wouldn't think that making toast is all that interesting, but this clever gadget proves you wrong. The see through toaster allows you to watch your slice of bread transform into toast. $300

Wesco Spaceboy XL Trashcan
This wastebasket takes a page from the future of design. Crafted out of high-quality materials, this rocket-looking contraption is sure to be a conversation piece, but not totally needed as a disposal device. $250

Cut Brooklyn Knives
For serious home cooks, the expense may be worth it. But for the typical sloppy slice and dice you can probably skip the 18-month wait for these knives handmade by a single Brooklyn-based craftsman. On the other hand, the knives, which cost up to several hundred dollars each, have garnered quite a following, so they must be good.

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Carly Zinderman

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