Jun. 6th, 2013

East Hampton Homeowners Go Glamping For Summer Cash

East Hampton Homeowners Go Glamping For Summer Cash
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Glamping has become pretty popular over these recent years, particularly among those who would like to fill that camping itch without sacrificing any luxury comforts. While many resorts cater to this kind of vacation, people in East Hampton are taking the glamping idea and applying it to their home turf bringing in a tidy profit in the process.

CBS reports that in order to make some pocket change, many homeowners in East Hampton are renting out their spacious homes for the summer and staying in trailer parks the Ditch Plains Trailer Park at Montauk Shores to be exact. While some of the homes being rented are in the million-dollar bracket, even the more modest ones are making their homeowners around $50,000 in rent for just two months. Considering it costs only $1,400 a month to lease a trailer space at Ditch Plains, these savvy homeowners are definitely coming out on top. The trend makes sense, especially when one considers the financial state of the country. Even those with money have been hit and what better way to make some extra money than by renting your home out?

If you want to try Ditch Plains in Montauk you'll have to get on a waiting list since it's currently full.
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