$1M W Hollywood Penthouse Designed for Your Inner Child

$1M W Hollywood Penthouse Designed for Your Inner Child

Photos Courtesy of The Residences at W Hollywood
Most children have some kind of playhouse, whether it be a pink plastic eyesore or a magnificent three-level tree house (maybe that was just me), and even though we grow older there's still a small part of us that wants to maintain that playful feeling in our own home. The Residences at W Hollywood in Los Angeles must know that feeling well, because they chose interior designer Christopher Grubb to give one of their luxury urban penthouses a "playhouse" liveliness fit for a CEO's inner child. If you're thinking this would be a good place to tuck in for the night, think again because instead of a bed, the master suite has a custom gaming table!
 $1M W Hollywood Penthouse Designed for Your Inner Chil
As president and founder of Arch-Interiors Design Group, Grubb certainly seems to know a thing or two about designing an unexpected space that focuses solely on fun. The $1M "Penthouse 12G" (which is officially priced at $999,000) was put together with versatility in mind, meaning that the furnishings chosen can be easily reconfigured depending on the type of gathering planned.  $1M W Hollywood Penthouse Designed for Your Inner Chil
“We selected Christopher Grubb to bring that ‘wow’ factor into penthouse 12G,” explains Ron Barnes, sales and marketing director at The Residences at W Hollywood. “As a top Los Angeles designer and style maker, Christopher is recognized internationally for his distinctive luxury design perspective. His ‘playhouse’ concept with creative features, including a putting green, is one of my favorites at The Residences at W Hollywood. It transforms space meant for a bedroom into a room for recreation, and it delights and inspires our discerning clientele with lively, unexpected touches.” $1M W Hollywood Penthouse Designed for Your Inner Chil
While the entire penthouse certainly seems great, the game room is my favorite part — the putting green on the balcony is a close second because for me, it seems like a lawsuit waiting to happen. Instead of a bedroom, Grubb put an emphasis on playing (though there are pull-out couches if you do get sleepy). The centerpiece of the room is a custom game table with a starburst center, great for late-night poker games. One wall is adorned with four flat-screen televisions, so you'll never fall behind in your favorite shows or sporting events, and below them is a "cantilevered buffet" for snacking needs. In terms of décor choices, Grubb gives the entire room a sparkling finish in the form of Balinese seashell and a crystal chandelier.  $1M W Hollywood Penthouse Designed for Your Inner Chil
Other neat perks in this 1,327-square-foot penthouse include the living room's projector and 110-inch screen with in-wall surround sound speakers, the sparkling wall treatment in the master bath, and the three-dimensional aluminum tile used for the kitchen's backsplash and bar façade.  $1M W Hollywood Penthouse Designed for Your Inner Chil

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