8 Must-Have Fire Pits To Cozy Up By This Fall

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Photo Courtesy of Haskell Collection

Truthfully, it doesn't really matter what season it is or what temperature my thermostat reads, I'm always going to love hanging out by an outdoor fire pit. Just as I light my indoor fireplace in the middle of summer purely for the ambiance, I would also cozy up with a good book in my backyard if a really cool fire pit was there. Not only do fire pits look amazing and transform the look of your yard, they're also a great social environment for parties and casual gatherings. Here are eight outdoor fire pits I would most like in my yard!

 TRAE Fire Pit
Photo Courtesy of TRAE

TRAE Fire Pit — $300

Made to order (which will take around two to four weeks), this functional fire pit from Vuur Design allows you to store logs within the base of the square. The steel box features a rust patina that gives it a warm worn-in appearance, which would pretty much fit in with any landscaping you may have. 

 Daze Fire Ring
Photo Courtesy of Haskell Collection

Daze Fire Ring — $722

Sold through Haskell, this is another mobile fire pit that you could put wherever you want. The industrial design features 14-inch high legs that reach up and hook inside the ring, creating a contemporary and stout shape. Made of tough steel, with a thermal ceramic coating, the pit promises to provide all the warmth you could ever need on a chilly night.

  Third Rock Outdoor Fire Pit
Photo Courtesy of Fire Pit Art

Third Rock Outdoor Fire Pit — $1,679

Made by artist Rick Wittrig, this one would definitely be a unique centerpiece to any yard. Resembling Earth, the land masses have been cut out to allow the planet's fiery core to blaze through. Even without flames, this one would look really neat. Hand-cut, each globe is individually signed and numbered by the designer and promises to last you a lifetime with its sturdy construction. The iron oxide patina on the outside will darken a bit with age and the interior is coated with a high temperature resistant paint. There's also a rain drain in the bottom, just in case you live in a wetter climate.

Photo Courtesy of Joost Van Veldhuizen

Brazier "Mikado" — $674

Created by Joost Van Veldhuizen, the Brazier is made out of solid steel and is incredibly mobile. The simple design comprises of a starburst of steel rods, which are arranged in a way that cradles fire wood. This fire pit proves that you don't need complication to make something artistic and functional. You may want to be careful where you put it though, because you don't want embers falling just anywhere.

 Manta Ray Outdoor Fire Pit
Photo Courtesy of Fire Pit Art

Manta Ray Outdoor Fire Pit — $979

I didn't mean to include two designs from Rick Wittrig, but the man is talented and knows exactly what I want in a fire pit. Like the globe design, this one is also crafted by hand and is meant for heavy use spanning decades. Signed and numbered by Wittrig, this one was inspired by the sea and obviously, the giant wings of the Giant Manta Ray. For anyone living by the ocean, this fire pit would be ideal — maybe at a beach house perhaps?

This Bronze Nest fire pit
Photo Courtesy of Colombo Construction Corp

Bronze Nest  $95,000

This Bronze Nest fire pit from Colombo Construction Corp is exactly what the name implies, a fiery nest, and it reminds me of The Hunger Games  birds and fire are all over those promos. The nest typically has a diameter of six feet, but can be customized if you want a different size. So, if you've ever dreamed of being Jennifer Lawrence (come on, who hasn't at this point?), get this sculpture in your yard now.

Pasadena Fireplace
Photo Courtesy of Kalamazoo

Pasadena Fireplace  $2,795

From Kalamazoo, the Pasadena Fireplace has a classic Americana look to it that would look great in a yard full of flora. Handcrafted in stainless steel, the fireplace is warranted for life against structural rust and you can choose between two designs for the sides: white oak leaves with acorns or gingko leaves. It also has a cleanout drawer, which makes cleaning easy, and only weighs around 100 pounds  meaning you can make your friends move it around until you find the perfect home for it.  

19th Century Butter Churn Ventless Fire Table
Photo Courtesy of Restoration Hardware

19th Century Butter Churn Ventless Fire Table — $1,795

Surprise! Restoration Hardware made the cut with their 19th Century Butter Churn Ventless Fire Table. It may not be an actual butter churn, but it was inspired by those found in Pennsylvania at the time. The planked sides give a rustic vibe, along with the capacious top and sturdy legs  all made from reclaimed elm. There is a powdercoated steel band encircling the table, which will weather over time, and within the design burns Ventless Fireplace Fuel. An especially nice feature is that when you don't want a fire, you can pop on the wooden lid and use it as a table.

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