guz architects' Tangga House Redefines The Traditional Courtyard

tangga house  guz architects

Photos Courtesy of guz architects

I think it's safe to say that guz architects is one of our favorite firms, with every design looking like it was drafted right from our dreams. Last week we told you about the Fish House, which has a media room submerged in the swimming pool, and now we're going to tell you about the Tangga House, located in Holland Village (an elite district in Singapore).

 tangga house  guz architects

This single-family, 7,663-square-foot home continues on with the architectural firm's dedication to residences that settle in alongside nature without interfering. An "interpretation of a traditional courtyard house," Tangga is centered around a green courtyard that has a double height stair and entry area. The L-shaped layout creates open spaces that offer plenty of natural light and ventilation, which is perfect considering Singapore's humid climate.

 tangga house  guz architects

While a roof garden gives residents an amazing view of the neighborhood, it also acts to bring the natural surroundings into the living spaces. Actually, one will find plant elements all throughout the Tangga House.

 tangga house  guz architects

Of course, the swimming pool is stunning. With clear glass walls at the surface, the water looks to be suspended above ground, while swimmers can be seen downstairs in the subterranean living room.

You may now drool with envy.  

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