Dec. 17th, 2013

Diffuse Essential Oils Using Handmade Sola Flowers

air essence diffuser
Photo Courtesy of Agraria

Need a gift for your mom and have no idea what to get her? Or your Aunt, or best friend, or yourself even? AirEssence from Agraria in San Francisco is pretty much the answer to all of the above. Your chosen scent (I tried out the Bitter Orange) is diffused through sola flowers, which are made one at a time using the dried peel of the tapioca plant and then sewn onto the cotton wick. The two flowers absorb the essential oils held in the crystal vase (which is paired with a glass tray stamped with an eight-petal rose) and even after the oil is fully absorbed, the flowers will apparently retain their scent for another month. In total, you should get be reaping the aromatic benefits of the AirEssence for about one year.


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