Nespresso Collection Sets Make the Perfect Last Minute Gift

Images Courtesy of Nespresso; Glass Collection Pictured

Looking for a last minute gift for someone impossible to shop for? Maybe you should fall back on the fact that the majority of the people you know love coffee. Which is why it should be fairly obvious that pretty much anything out there related to the beverage would be a good gift idea. And while Santa-covered Christmas mugs for a gift might seem like an appropriate gift at this time of year, trust me, they are not. However a set of super chic, well-designed coffee accessories are always a good way to go. The recipient will use them year in and year out, serve guests when they pop by and just generally enjoy them. Really, the best gifts are the ones that get used every day, right? 

Nespresso offers a wealth of mugs, cups, and other accessories that pair with the perfect cup of coffee, well… perfectly. For the holiday season the brand has great sets that make the ideal gift for pretty much anyone, especially newlyweds, hostesses, and new homeowners. Les Collections by Nespresso are a set of “unique creative visions from designers of international acclaim,” and the result is a line that is super chic.

The Premium Collection

There are several collections, including the Premium Collection, the Ritual Collection, PIXIE Collection and the Glass Collection, among others. Each one has its own personality and style. The Premium Collection was actually designed by Christian Ghion who was inspired by fine jewelry and haute couture. With two styles to choose from, the collection also includes a candle created by master perfumer Olivia Giacobetti, continuing the coffee theme with a scent reflecting the complexity and aromas of the beverage.

For the Ritual Collection, Nespresso worked with André and Olivia Putman, who studied the technical aspects of what it is to indulge in what the brand refers to as the Nespresso coffee ritual. “We married the classic white espresso cup found in Parisian bars with the iconic shape of the Nespresso capsule that for so many people around the world has become synonymous with coffee,” explained Olivia Putman. Clearly designed for the coffee connoisseur, the actual porcelain itself was chosen specifically for its ability to preserve heat.

The PIXIE Collection

On the more urban front, the PIXIE collection has a hip and vibrant personality, designed in fun colors by 5.5 Designers out of Paris. The PIXIE cups are designed to be stackable (great for small cupboards!) and they match perfectly with Nespresso capsules, keeping the style of the brand in-line with the accessories. 5.5 Designers explained that “In creating the PIXIE collection, we drew our inspiration from the brand’s iconic elements. The Nespresso universe is so rich that ideas came easily and these objects soon became a ‘must.’"

Seemingly designed to fall right in between the more classic designs seen in the Premium and Ritual collections and the PIXIE, the Glass Collection is one of my personal favorites; because a hot cup of Nespresso is so pretty. Matching saucers give the set a dash of color. The glass design seen in the cups themselves is attributed to inspiration coming from cafes in Spain.

These are just four of the collections Nespresso offers; there is practically one for every personality out there. If you are near a Nespresso boutique, you can march right in and pick one up for that last person you just can't seem to find the right gift for, or waltz your way over to the nearest in-store location at Bloomingdales. Then you can congratulate yourself on finding the perfect gift, right at the last minute.

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