The Ranch Boss Cowboy Cauldron Is Your Next BBQ's Centerpiece

Cowboy Cauldron fire pit

Photos Courtesy of Cowboy Cauldron

We love free-standing fire pits that can be put anywhere, no installation required, and Cowboy Cauldron definitely fits the bill. And at the top of their line is the cauldron that started the entire company, the Ranch Boss. With an amazingly simple design, this large 42-inch fire pit hangs from a three-legged tripod and weighs around 250 pounds. Handmade in the United States with 100 percent American steel, the basin is suspended off the ground, allowing you to warm your toes beneath it if you so wish. You can buy the Ranch Boss alone, or you can get a package that comes with extra goodies, like the Chuck Wagon Kit that comes with hooks to hang coffee pots from.


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