Interview: Emmy-Nominated Host Mark Steines Weighs In On Fine Living & What He Splurges On

Home & Family, Mark Steines

Photo Credit: Mark Steines

As co-host of Hallmark Channel’s Emmy-nominated Home & FamilyMark Steines knows a thing or two about living the good life. With more than 17 years of rubbing elbows with Hollywood A-listers as co-host of Entertainment Tonight, he’s enjoyed an esteemed TV career that’s not only survived, but thrived, for more than two decades.

Thanks to his passion for photography, Steines is also more than just a charismatic figure in entertainment news. In fact, his portraits and landscapes reportedly hang inside many exclusive Hollywood homes and offices. His photo book See the Light: A Passage to Sierra Leone, documents the Light House Medical Mission’s trip to raise awareness for fresh water in impoverished countries. Also notable is that, in the spring of 2015, Steines photographed more than 30 celebrities for Boot Campaign's patriotic image promotion.

Home & Family, Mark Steines
Photo Credit: Crown Media

This three-time Emmy award-winning journalist has experienced the kind of sustained success in the entertainment industry most only dream about. Given Steines’ proverbial membership to this coveted “club” and the lifestyle it assuredly affords him, we touched base for his thoughts on an assortment of luxury living topics.

JustLuxe: What does “luxury" mean to you? 

Mark Steines: Luxury means living and experiencing the finer things in life with the least amount of effort.

JL: What do you love to splurge on? 

MS: I splurge on convenience and anything that is going to simplify my life, like technology or the right automobile. I love to splurge on sound, lighting and most definitely anything photography related.

Home & Family, Mark Steines
Photo Credit: Crown Media

JL: Where is your favorite travel destination? 

MS: Hawaii is one of my favorites, because it is so laid back and comfortable. I also enjoyed visiting Venice, Italy. Recently, I have had my sights set on traveling to Greece.

JL: What kind of cuisine do you like?   

MS: My latest favorite is sushi—the cleaner and fresher the better. If I were to go classic, I would pick an all-American burger with a side of truffle fries.

JL: What is your best tip for living fabulously?

MS: Finding your passion and living it, while doing what you love. For me, the ability to afford an expensive hobby like photography and being able to afford it with limited restriction is my way of living my passion.

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