These Luxury Doomsday Homes Will Be Ready for the Apocalypse

Luxury real estate buyers are starting to look underground for their new homes for one very specific reason: the apocalypse. A new trend hitting wealthy circles, high-end homeowners are now turning to luxury communities that provide a safe shelter in case doomsday really does hit.

Trident Lakes, an affluent community just outside of Dallas, is catering to these individuals by creating a 700-acre, $320 million project with 600 earth-covered condos. Developers chose the rural area because of its distance away from a big city. As a part of its security measures, around 400 units will have most of their living space underground and the community will include 12-foot walls and watchtowers, access to emergency underground bunkers and a private security force.

But luckily, it won’t be all end-of-the-world gloomy, the development will include an 18-hole golf course, five-star spa, jogging trails, sports courts, 20-acre blue lagoons with white-sand beaches, polo fields, gun ranges, zip lines, retail shops and restaurants. Plus, there will also be a number of helipads, and eventually, a private airstrip.


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If you’re already checking out their website to buy a home, don’t get your hopes up just yet. For one, you'll need to be invited, and two, Trident Lakes will be vetting all potential buyers and selection will be based on your ability to contribute to a sustainable community after an emergency. Teachers, law enforcement and other civil servants will be given special financing and consideration.

Trident Lakes is slated to open later this spring with prices being in the mid-six figures. Move-ins are projected to start in the first quarter of 2018. According to Curbed, “the group behind Trident Lakes is already looking at expansion. Land for a similar development has been purchased in Southern Ohio, and other sites are being scouted across the United States.” So if you don’t get a Trident Lakes home, you might not yet be doomed.

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