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Everyone wants a fragrant home. Crisp notes during the summer, perhaps warm, spicy notes for winter. Or, maybe you are someone that prefers more exotic or fruity aromas. Whatever the choice may be, we doubt anyone would argue that the best luxury home fragrances: candles, diffusers, soaps and such are those that are long-lasting, strong – but not overly so – and smell delicious.

For the past few weeks we have sampled a great home fragrance line called NEST. Born in 2008 from the mind that previously developed home collections for the likes of Christian Dior, Jonathan Adler and more, Laura Slatkin’s NEST Home Fragrances is a beautiful and varied line. In it’s entirety, NEST includes Beach, Holiday and the Everyday Collection, which boasts different candle scents, six of which are also accompanied by diffusers, lotion, body wash, bar and hand soaps. Sir Elton John even has his own scent, but more on that later.


Immediately apparent is that the diffusers are some of the best we have seen (or smelled). One, in this case the Beach Collection Reed Diffuser, (Pictured up top) was able to perfume a space of about 800 square feet effectively for weeks without needing the fragrance replaced. Described as a scent that “captures the essence of sparkling turquoise water and lush coconut married with juicy melon … lotus flower and sensual woods,” indeed it does. Overall this bouquet is like a fresh ocean breeze, fitting for summer and further complimented by a sea urchin-like design exclusive to this scent. The Beach fragrance is offered additionally in soaps and candle form.


Equally impressive are the soaps and candles in the Everyday Collection, which are potent, but not to a fault. The six fragrances available in every form offered (candle, diffuser, bar soap, liquid soap, body wash, lotion) are Moroccan Amber, Wasabi Pear, Moss & Mint, Grapefruit, Bamboo and Orange Blossom, all of which we had the privilege to evaluate, save the last.


Both crisp fragrances with citrus elements, Bamboo and Grapefruit differ from each other in that the first conjures images of a spring morning and freshly cut grass, while the second offers the same tease of sweetness the fruit it known for. Moroccan Amber has a spicier tone, with a wisp of patchouli and eucalyptus that brightens the scent. Also on the spicier side Wasabi Pear smells exactly like, well, juicy pear gently enhanced with the sharpness of wasabi. Moss & Mint certainly lives up to its name as well, also a refreshing fragrance sweetened with tones of apple.


Sir Elton John’s own candle fragrance is inspired by one of his personal gardens in England. While we didn’t have the chance to smell the fragrance, if its scent is anything like what we have seen already, it is worth the gamble. Plus proceeds go to Elton John’s AIDS Foundation, so you cannot possibly go wrong there.


Overall NEST is a really beautiful line, one that contains scents that really should compliment any home.

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