McLaren Starts Campaign to Tease the P13 From Upcoming Sports Series

McLaren, cars, blackswanmoments, p13, sports car

McLaren Automotive has started a new marketing campaign for their Sports Series and we're loving where this is going. The first launch film teases their upcoming automobile—given the codename P13—by focusing on a lone black feather floating through the air while a voice over tells the story of the black swan (you know, how everyone assumed all swans were white until a black one was found in Australia in 1697). You get a very brief glimpse of the car's tire at the video's five second mark, but that's it—though below is a photo of the car camouflaged.

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Kasabian Frontman Tom Meighan Chats the New Album, Performance Scars & Why He Loves Jack White

kasabian, Sergio Pizzorno, Tom Meighan, interview

You may not know this yet, especially if you're not exactly up on the music scene, but English rock band Kasabian (made up of front man Tom Meighan, songwriter/guitarist Sergio Pizzorno, bassist Chris Edwards, and drummer Ian Matthews) is widely considered to be the best act in the world—at least the Q Awards think so since they've awarded them with the title twice now (once in 2010 and again this year).

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Estate Manager Bryan Peele Has a Key For What Goes On Inside Million-Dollar Estates

bryan peele, estate manager

Not many people are aware of just how much goes into keeping a luxury household running, but estate manager Bryan Peele certainly does. As the President and Founder of Estate Managers Coalition, Peele has worked with some of the world's biggest celebrities, top-tier billionaires and industrialists, and has become one of the most trusted figures in the luxury realm.  

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Be One of the Cool Kids With the BeoPlay A2 Bluetooth Loudspeaker

Bang & Olufsen,  B&O PLAY, BeoPlay A2

With each new product B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen releases, our love for them grows and their BeoPlay A2 isn't about to change that. The Bluetooth loudspeaker not only promises 24-hour Li-ion battery life on one charge and "True 360" degree sound, but it's also super cute and stylish—just look at that dashing bearded man holding it pensively.

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Our Picks For the Top 6 Race Tracks With VIP Perks

Nürburgring race track

There are a lot of race tracks out there, but some are definitely better than others and have become synonymous with car racing—you'll be hard-pressed to find a fan who doesn't dream about attending the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Even better is when these impressive courses come with some pretty awesome VIP perks, so we chose our six favorites for discerning auto racing buffs. 

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Music Video Director Shane Drake Discusses His Path to Films, Mega Budgets & Breaking Into the Biz


You know when you hear a new song that causes you to take notice of the title so you can mentally add it to your music collection? There is something so satisfying about discovering something you’ve never heard before, and then you watch the music video. A good video can resurrect those initial feelings you had and even give you a greater love for the song.

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Pastrovich Teases Us With New X-Alien Yacht Concept

Pastrovich  X-Alien Yacht Concept

Pastrovich has recently unveiled their newest luxury yacht concept, the X-Alien, by releasing a video and two images of the cool design. With only a few sparse details available, the vessel will be able to stretch from 48 to 80 meters (around 157 to 262 feet) and will feature a very minimal interior that will allow the huge "wall" of windows to take precedence.

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The Hästens Stockholm White Bed Flaunts Some Serious Scandinavian Flair

Hästens Stockholm White bed

Offered exclusively during the 2014 Fall/Winter season, the new Stockholm White bed from Swedish brand Hästens is a great way to bring some Scandinavian flair to your bedroom. Featuring a white check design that was inspired by Stockholmsvit, an airy shade that was very popular in Sweden in the 1950s, Stockholm White is made using 100 percent premium cotton and uses a jacquard weave pattern. The limited edition bed is made-to-order and the multi-textured fabric is available for all Hästens beds, headboards (except their Anniversia model), slip covers, and bed skirts. Pricing starts at $8,700 for a queen sized Luxuria and goes up to $15,380. 


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$5,000 FACUNDO Elevated Holiday Gift Set Brings On the Rum

FACUNDO Rum Collection, Elevated Holiday Gift Set

The FACUNDO Rum Collection recently unveiled their new $5,000 Elevated Holiday Gift Set, which is only available in certain high-end liquor stores. Whether you're buying it for yourself or for a loved one, the set is arranged within an Italian leather travel bag (which will be embossed with your monogrammed initials). Included are two handmade BACCARAT "Harmonie" Tumblers, two Bittermens Bitters, a handmade Brizard & Co. Cigar Humidor, a Colibri Cigar Cutter, and a member card that gives you access to exclusive FACUNDO events in major cities (including New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and San Francisco).

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Etihad Airways Sends 13 New Hires to The Savoy Butler Academy For Serious Training

Etihad Airways, Savoy Butler Academy

If you've ever flown on an Etihad Airways flight, you know how seriously they take service, so it should be no surprise that they're really making sure that the people they choose to be the Butlers of their new 10 Airbus A380 fleet are the best of the best. The company sent 13 men and women to The Savoy hotel's Butler Academy for some serious academy training alongside head butler, Sean Davoren, and his team.

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Live in Sports Legend Deion Sanders' $12M Lone Star on Preston Estate

Deion Sanders, Lone Star on Preston Estate

Sports fans in the market for a new home will want to pay attention to Lone Star on Preston from Concierge Auctions. Formerly the residence of Deion Sanders, who played football and baseball professionally, this expansive North Dallas estate has everything you need, including its own dock and indoor basketball court.

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Eva Green Recreates Historical Beginnings of Favorite Campari Cocktails in Exclusive 2015 Calendar

Campari's 2015 exclusive calendar, Eva Green

The imagery for Campari's 2015 exclusive calendar is officially out for the world to see and as usual, we love it and can't wait to get our hands on one. Starring the gorgeous 34-year-old French actress Eva Green (last year's cover lady was Uma Thurman), the coveted calendar is called Mythology Mixology and tells the story behind 12 of Campari's most iconic cocktails that have stood the test of time—like the Negroni. 

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