Here's Why Everything You Thought You Knew About Thread Count is a Lie

boll & branch, thread count, cotton, luxury bedding

When it comes to the thread count of our sheets, we’ve always been told that the higher the number, the higher the quality and the higher the price—add the term “Egyptian cotton” and the price goes up again. It all seems logically sound until you start noticing Egyptian cotton sets boasting 800+ counts being sold at various discount stores for less than $100.

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Better Brush Up On Your Golf Skills Before Moving Into This $5.8M Hualālai Resort Home

Hualālai Reality, resort, four seasons

For just $5.8 million, you can snatch this Hualālai home found on the North Kona Kohala coast of Hawaii. Offering four-bedrooms and 4,364 square feet of interior living space, the residence looks like a Four Seasons resort, which is fitting considering it actually grants the owner full access to the Four Seasons Resort Hualālai, as well as members-only amenities at Ke’olu private golf course (it happens to overlook the second hole)

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Totally Customizable Mercedes Actually Looks Like a Private Jet Inside

Senzati Jet Sprinter

There’s a certain level of wealth you can hit where you don’t necessarily want the world to know who you are and what you have. Maybe you want to drive through the streets incognito, in unassuming vehicles that give no indicators as to what (or rather who) is inside. The Senzati Jet Sprinter is such a car. It may look like a simple Mercedes van from the outside, but the interior is more akin to a private jet—it can even be customized to include a bedroom and bathroom.  

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The Southern Steak & Oyster Should Be On Your Dining List When Heading to Nashville


Before heading to Nashville last month, my friend and I were constantly told two things: Sing karaoke and don’t skimp on eating well. The former was done in a very smoky trailer called Santa’s Pub (apparently a local’s favorite), and the latter is why we ended up choosing to dine at The Southern Steak & Oyster one evening.

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Which 10 Restaurants Get to Sit With the Forbes Five-Star Cool Kids?

forbes five-star restaurants

Forbes Travel Guide recently announced its 57th list of Star Award Winners, and it's everything we have come to expect from Forbes. The 2015 list has many familiar names across the three categories of luxury hotels, restaurants and spas, but it’s the new additions that are the most exciting. Using over 500 criteria points for giving establishments their five-star ranking, 

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Customize Your Ride With American-Made Stijl Cycles

Stijl Cycles, custom bicycles

Custom bicycle brand Stijl Cycles is aiming to change the biking industry with their handmade, personally fitted designs. Made in the USA, the Virginia-based Stijl (which means ‘style’ in Dutch and is pronounced ‘shteel’) team consists of founder/co-owner Hinmaton Hisler and a group of architects, industrial designers, and fabricators. What started as a weekend project to make their ideal frame, Stijl has turned into a full-size company with a clientele of casual enthusiasts, professional race teams, and even Cirque du Soleil performers. 

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Add Some Serious Sexiness to Your Flat With These 15 Furnishings From Fifty Shades of Grey

fifty shades of grey, home decor, furniture

Fifty Shades of Grey is officially out and whether you like it or not, you really can’t deny that Christian Grey has some serious style—from his tailored suits and arsenal of Audis to his penthouse apartment in Seattle’s Escala. Universal even set up an online virtual tour of the billionaire’s pad, which takes you through the set and acts as a basic how-to guide in terms of decorating your own home.

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Prestige Private Air Offers Last-Minute Bookings and Helicopter Transfers With New Emerald Membership

Prestige Private Air, private jet

Using the tagline “All You Can Fly and All You Can Carry,” Prestige Private Air promises to give clients the smoothest travel experience possible. To boost their service, the private jet club has recently added a new Emerald Class Membership for $2,500 a month that includes helicopter transfers and unlimited last-minute bookings.

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What It's Really Like to Captain a Yacht and Live Life on the High Seas

Captain Chris Stollery, yachts, catamaran, interview

Captain Chris Stollery talks about the Berret Racoupeau-designed luxury catamaran LIR, his years of professional experience as well as life aboard this fantastic vessel. LIR is a beautiful Victoria 67 sailing yacht and at 20.44 meters (67 foot) provides comfortable and stylish accommodation in four spacious cabins to up to eight charter guests in total. All cabins have their own en-suite facilities, air-conditioning, and feature contemporary and elegant decor.

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Will the Exclusive Rancho Santa Fe's Casa Del Sol Break Auction Records?

Casa Del Sol, Rancho Santa Fe, san diego, real estate

It’s no secret that San Diego is one of the best places to live, with year-round sunshine and a relaxed SoCal atmosphere, but some of the city’s hottest neighborhoods are kept hush-hush—like the renowned Rancho Santa Fe. Heading to auction without reserve on February 26 is Casa Del Sol, a sprawling family compound that spans over eight acres. If you want to live in your very own resort spa, one that can rival that of The Four Seasons, you may want to watch the above video and mark your calendar. 

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Wireless Speaker or Art Piece? pandoretta° Sound System is Both

Poet Audio, pandoretta°

pandoretta° is the newest wireless sound system from Austrian tech brand Poet Audio and we love its unique look. The piece of tech resembles an art piece more than it does a speaker—especially when displayed on one of their wood bases. The 360-degree system promises to be the finest in the world, with seven speakers and a 170-watt amplifier that delivers high-end sound streamed from your smartphone and computer. 

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Gesture Aims to Be the Best Chair for 21st Century Posture


We hear that sitting is the new smoking. That is a problem, because many of us sit a lot. Which of course means we slouch, hunch, lean and generally have awful posture. Chairs however have always been designed with the idea in mind that the users will be sitting, with good posture, at a desk for no more than a few hours. Today that is not necessarily the case. You might prop your feet up and rest your laptop on your legs, or lean in on your elbows to look down at a tablet. Maybe you have adopted the “computer pose,” with your shoulders hunched inward and forward towards your monitors.

Designed by a team of scientists who started from scratch, the Gesture Chair was created with all sorts of postures in mind. In fact, manufacturer Steelcase conducted a study observing over 2,000 individuals and their behaviors in order to create a chair that would support the habits of a 21st century person. 

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