Hang Ten on Peru's Largest Surfable Standing Wave Machine

Peru, long known for year-round pleasant surfing conditions, has another reason to attract international travelers wanting to catch a wave: The Ola Movistar surf arena has just installed the world's largest surfable standing wave machine.

American Wave Machines, a U.S. based company that makes artificial wave technology installed the machine, the SurfStream model SS5024, earlier this year. Over 1,000 eager surfers, as well as the Peruvian National Surfing team, attended the opening day.

Guillermo Gonzales, Peru Surf Federation President and Arena Operator enthused, "As one of the largest recreation centers in the world, this surf arena puts Peru at the forefront of the region, offering a perfect place for athletes, fans and the general public to have guaranteed training, where they can not only practice the sport of surfing, but they can also share it with family."

What makes the SurfStream model SS5024 particularly notable is its versatility? The machine can create single five-foot barreling waves with a 20-foot face to "carve on" for advanced surfers. It can also be modified easily to training and intermediate waves, simply by the flip of a switch.

The Association of Surfing Professional's World Champion Surfer and Peru native, Sofia Mulanovich, surfed the SurfStream model SS5024 and said, "It's super fun and does feel a lot like the ocean."

Movistar embraced the vision of the standing wave and chose to get involved with the debut event. "As well as being a new exclusive venue with modern lounge areas, the 'Movistar Wave' makes it possible for everyone to practice surfing, what is developing into the flagship sport of our country. The wave will help spur the development of young surf talent," said, Fiorella Espejo, PR and Marketing Director for Movistar.

Via American Wave Machines

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