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Photo Courtesy of just may be the most convenient gift-registry service ever conceived. The service enables users to shop for any item in any store worldwide. Rather than selecting one or several retailers for an event, such as a wedding, a birthday, an anniversary, and so forth, it is now possible for gift givers to buy the most desirable goods directly from the stores that carry it.

If it is on the recipient's list, it is a click away from being a done deal. Wish lists are no longer hopeful thinking. Adding items to your own MyRegistry list is very simple. It is as easy as scanning a product's barcode with a smartphone. Once an item is on the list, gift givers only need to look it up on your personal registry to find it. It is even possible to publish a gift list directly on Facebook profiles.

The company also offers in-house solutions with its own assorted online stores. Users can view's Baby Store, Kitchen & Housewares, Bridesmaid Gifts, and Groomsmen Gifts. Baby Bump and One Fine Wedding are examples of company blogs that cater specifically to these occasions. The blogs are filled with suggestions and recommendations. There also is an A-to-Z listing section on its website called Stores We Like.

Along with gift giving for special occasions, many charities and nonprofit organizations are finding to be very useful when it comes to generating suggestion lists for needed supplies and other items. A cash-gift fund also can be set up for individuals and charities. Convenience! Convenience! Convenience!

To get an even better idea of how the company got started and what they're all about, JustLuxe's own Carly Zinderman conducted an interview with President of, Nancy Lee.

JustLuxe: What was the most challenging aspect to starting

Nancy Lee: was founded by Oded Berkowitz in 2005. The concept of a Universal Gift Registry was a completely unknown entity at the time, and educating consumers who were used to traditional store registries was probably the largest challenge in the early years. Now, however, as the concept becomes more popular, registry customers embrace the universal gift registry concept as they realize how it simplifies their lives.

JL: Do you have anyone to thank for being the key to the success of the site? Who were they and what did they accomplish for you?

NL: We were fortunate that our founder had 12 years of Wall Street experience behind him and was able to raise the funds necessary to start and maintain a venture of this magnitude. His business acumen was just what we needed to navigate a startup in unchartered waters and create a new industry from scratch.

JL: What is the most luxurious item that has been requested on MyRegistry?

NL: On occasion we see members register for things such as a private island or a diamond encrusted pacifier. However, daily, we see bridal registries with luxury housewares, crystal, European fine china. On baby registries, we see the luxury stroller and nursery furniture brands such as Stokke, Orbit and Bugaboo.

JL: What are some of your favorite luxury brands?

NL: I love tabletop and my newest favorite luxury brand is the Marchesa Collection by Lenox China, especially the Palatial Garden pattern. Marchesa brings her flair for designing couture clothing to dishes and they are amazing.

JL: What are some of the more popular gift items this year?

NL: Brides are really focusing on their homes these days, but not necessarily only on items for the kitchen. We are seeing far more registries this year include furniture, rugs and items for other rooms in the house.

JL: What is the most thoughtful gift you've ever received?

NL: Last Mother's Day my husband and children made a memory box for me and filled it with pictures and handwritten stories about things that we had done together over the past year. They put so much effort into making it something really special.

JL: What is a never-fail gift when you just don't know to get someone?

NL: If they had a universal gift registry, you would never be in the position where you do not know what to get someone. That is why they make so much sense. But a great fallback when you REALLY do not know what to buy someone is gift card issued by a financial institution that can be used anywhere.

JL: Do you have any celebrity clients?

NL: Yes, many. They love the fact that their gift registry can be password protected to keep it private, but it can still be accessed by their friends and family who are sharing their special occasions.

JL: What are some of the most luxurious MyRegistry partners?

NL: At you can register for absolutely anything from any retailer. So in theory, every luxury brand is our partner. However, there are many wonderful luxury brands that are using our gift registry system directly on their website, such as Waterford Crystal, Steuben Glass and others.

JL: Are there any upcoming additions or changes to MyRegistry that you are especially excited about?

NL: Next week we will be launching a one-of-a-kind concierge service both online and by phone that will assist our registrants any with any issue they might have and provide them with the ultimate universal gift registry experience.

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