Four Great Websites to Make Your Life Easier

How I value the World Wide Web. All of my travel, all of my wardrobe, and all of my household items or contacts are found, browsed, and bought with a few swift clicks of my mouse. I am increasingly a fan of free websites that help my life become more organized, particularly with a fun element. Here are a few of my latest finds worth a click.

Your wardrobe on the web: I have never been a fashion editor, but I do like to pretend I could be one. Polyvore is a handy website that allows one to drag and drop entire outfits, style boards, and concepts onto stunning layouts similar to ones you’d spot in your favorite fashion magazines. Dozens of templates give users a head start on layouts, which allow you to plug in infinite combinations of outfits and looks. What’s more, Polyvore highlights the community's best "sets," and an active members' posting area lets users comment and advise fellow fashionistas. Appropriately, another section is an online store. Now, I can literally say, "This look is right out of a fashion spread!" (Photo courtesy of Polyvore)

Smiling bright: No one enjoys the dentist. Going to one is right up there with seeking a smog certificate or mailing tax returns. A smart website, created by dental professionals, now exists to help consumers quickly find dental pros as well as dental deals: First, unlike many dental listing companies, consumers can search an easy-to-navigate registry to contact dental practices directly via a single click or phone number. Second, DentalDealio offers weekly dental oriented deals that consumers can purchase from local dentists. Furthermore, during the month of February, the website will be contributing to Fresh Start Surgical Gifts, a stunning non-profit that transforms the lives of disadvantaged infants, children, and teens suffering from physical deformities, in honor of the American Dental Association’s 2012 February awareness campaign, National Children's Dental Health Month. Now that’s something to smile about. (Photo courtesy of

A list of bliss: I’m not getting married or having a child anytime in the near future, which certainly used to preclude me from creating a gift registry, until now. is a simple, fun platform that allows users to link and list anything of their hearts’ desires. Anyone, including gift giving challenged boyfriends and husbands, can search for a user's name and obtain a list of their coveted goods. List items can only be removed by users, allowing gift givers to keep surprises genuine. (Photo courtesy of

Home sweet home, envisioned: Having just purchased another condo (a loft with no rooms) I value tools that can assist me in creating space, before I break out the sledgehammer. is a complex, but user-friendly design website featuring design software, idea galleries and more. Load in your floor plan and virtually paint, decorate and design away in three-dimensional frameworks. I like the extensive DIY section as well, showcasing hundreds of nifty projects completed by fellow users. I’m just a few clicks away from my posh (virtual) pad! (Photo courtesy of

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