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With the jackpot of the California Lottery setting at a new all-time high of $500†million, the sales of lottery tickets are soaring. The situation has provided some extra-special attention in the direction of†a niche, luxury service club that enables California residents to buy†lottery tickets online.

The intriguing grab-the-moment business model by, which†actually has been operating since 2011,†is likely to garner even more attention due to the fervent demand for lottery tickets currently running through the state.

Basically, on behalf of members, LottoGopher will do all the legwork so that its subscribers can conveniently purchase lottery tickets. Lottery winners do keep 100 percent of their winnings.†Members pay a monthly fee for the service of $12;†a†year-round membership option is available at $99.†

The outfit is a web-development firm that boasts a sophisticated system that addresses†appropriate security provisions to ensure safe and verifiable transactions.†The online company reports that it has serviced thousands of buyers since opening its web portal site last year. After all, it is an artful combination of high- and low-tech functions, as the service includes going to the store for customers. Additionally, the lottery tickets purchased on behalf of customers are stored in a vault for safekeeping.

LottoGopher broadcasts the convenience and†the security of its luxury delivery service, as well as suggesting that it is a good vehicle for community building as well. For more information, visit†
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CoLoR349 commented on March 30, 2012

Interesting idea but I think I prefer to purchase my own tickets and have them physically in my possession.

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