Camping Gets a Facelift With Glamorous Tents By Shelter Co

Shelter Co.

Photo Courtesy of Shelter Co.
Remember how fun it was to camp in the great outdoors or even just the backyard when you were a kid? Endeavoring to relive that nostalgia comes a grown-up dose of luxury camping from Shelter Co. Providing fully furnished, European style canvas tents and all necessary amenities, Shelter Co. lets you set-up camp anywhere you want. Group camping trips, weddings, family reunions, corporate retreats, and music festivals can get messy.

This unique brand gives camping gets an extra touch of glamour, providing sturdy tents and additional comforts such as restrooms, full service catering, and pretty much anything else you might require. The new, California-based pop-up-lodging service transforms your choice of campsite. From your own backyard to the properties Shelter Co. partners with, these creative designs turn camping into an outdoor adventureland.
Retro-inspired tents are filled with butterfly chairs, batik pillows and cowhide rugs, as well as wooden bed frames covered in down quilts and Pendleton blankets. Outside the tent the Shelter Co. hooks you up with Adirondack chairs around a fire pit, perfect for watching an outdoor movie or kicking back after some yoga. The whole experience is totally customized to your party's needs, whether you want a bar for the adults, activities for the kids, or even tents for the dogs.
Be prepared for $2,000 minimum fee for three tents. Afterwards, choose from a lengthy list of add-ons for the ultimate glamping experience. So go ahead, enjoy the fun part of camping: stargazing, roasting marshmallows, playing games and let Shelter Co. take care of the rest.
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