GolfSense Gives 3D Renderings to Improve Your Swing

Photo Courtesy of GolfSense
Golf is one of those sports that divides people down the middle; you seem to either love it and make it your life, or you don't really care it exists at all. For those who fall in the former category, you'll probably want to know about GolfSense, a small luxury gadget that attaches to your glove and helps hone in on your perfect swing. The little device, once synced with a mobile device, can give great 3D renderings of your swing, down to the smallest of details.

Weighing only 17 grams, GolfSense considers itself to be the world's first portable 3D sensor system that brings you real-time data regarding your golf swing. All you have to do is connect it to your mobile device (like your iPhone), attach it to your glove, and start swinging. According to GolfSense, the 4 MEMS sensors within will calculate the club speed, club position, swing tempo, and swing path at sample rates over 1,000 times per second. You can either set it to record an individual swing or to automatically capture every one. It even has a setting that can recognize when you're making a practice swing and when you're actually hitting the ball, which can be set to only record the impact swing.

Once you feel like you have enough data, you can review any swing you want individually, as well as compare them against one another. The high velocity motion engine built into the software will be able to break your swing down into different segments of various positions and postures, allowing you to see every detail of your movement down to the millisecond.
In placing the device on your glove, GolfSense is able to take wrist motion into account when figuring out your best swing path. Unlike other products on the market that attach to the golf club, you don't have to remove it from your glove when switching clubs.

GolfSense retails for $129.99, with a color choice of white or black.

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