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For anyone who has ever been on a luxury vacation you know that you can't fill every hour with site exploration and jungle treks, sometimes you just want to sit down with a glass of wine and enjoy some downtime. Stave Puzzles, located in Norwich, Vermont, makes unique puzzles for all those exact moments. Especially great for families, these neat puzzles are hand-cut from wood with no two ever cut the same. There are various style options, like Traditional, Troublemakers, and Tricks and Teasers, making Stave Puzzles a great way to spend a rainy afternoon.

The company began when, in 1969, Steve Richardson left a Fortune 500 company to move to Vermont to start a game business with designer Dave Tibbetts. Stave (a combination of their two names) quickly grew into the company it is now, one with over 25 employees and a clientele that includes Stephen King, Queen Elizabeth II, Barbara Bush, and Bill Gates. Richardson may be over 70 now, but he still continues to have a hand in the company, crafting puzzles ideas all through the night with pencil and paper.
Each luxury puzzle is cut from cherry-backed wood that's polished to a nice shine. The Traditional puzzles offer the option to have names, dates, and symbols carved into the puzzle at no extra cost, while the TroubleMaker puzzles allow you to piece it together in many different ways. One piece is the designated keystone, while the others fit around it in multiple places to creat different final products. Teaser puzzles feature designs with repeating colors, shapes, and empty spaces where nothing fits, meant to confuse. The TroubleMaker and Teaser designs are clearly meant for the true puzzlers at heart.
We especially like the Four Seasons Set, which is a Teaser 3D puzzle with 1,060 pieces and retails for $4,595. Each season has neat images, like a swan boat ride in spring and a sleigh ride in winter. The Knight At Stavely Castle is sure to please anyone young at heart. A Limited Edition puzzle, this one retails for $6,995 and features 750 pieces that form five layers. The trick is to piece it together just right so that once it's completed the knight will be able to remove the sword from the stone.
No matter what type of puzzle you get, it will come in a royal blue box with their signature joker emblem embossed in gold on the lid. You also won't be finding any helpful image aids within, forcing you to solve them yourself, which we think adds much more fun.

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